About Us

In 2018 my family started Coon Hunter Supply after searching the internet looking at different suppliers, I found out there was another business called Coon HunterS Supply in Memphis, TN.  I contacted the owner Carl Moore and talked with him for over an hour.  He told me about the great Bluetick coon hounds he hunted through the years and gave me a lot of good business advice.  He then expressed his interest in selling his business due to the passing of his wife and his health.  I felt so bad for his situation and I couldn't believe the opportunity he laid in front of me.  I purchased the domain coonhunterssupply.com and I really felt like this was a "God" thing for the both of us.  Out of respect for Carl and the pride he took in his business, I want to honor his main request, to take care of his customers like he did for 40 plus years.  At Coon Hunter Supply we will always strive to do our best and follow in the footsteps that were set before us.  

Oakley at 2018 Walker Days in Rochester, Indiana

Braeden made the local paper at 2018 Walker Days

Our Coon Dog