Superior Hellcat Silver Edition


  • $295.00

Superior Hellcat Silver Edition

 The Hellcat, we think, has it all - bright main beam, second to none!  It has dual walk lights for you and all your buddies to walk with. Red and green colors, plus we turn the red and green on at the same time to create an amber effect. 

The Switch has 9 positions, center is off, clockwise engages the walk lights with high and low, rotating further engages the main beam low and high. From off counter clockwise engages the red with high and low, click again and it engages green, click again and it engages green and red for an amber effect. 

Everyone knows how bright the green is coupled with the red produces a great walk light with the additional benefit for summer hunters - no bugs.

Available on bump cap or soft cap with liner. Burn time on the main beam, wide open, approaches 3 plus hours with approximately 10 hours with walk lights full bright.

Proudly built right here in the USA for the past 28 years!

Made in the USA!!!


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