Sunspot Rage LED Coonhunting Light


  • $295.00

Sunspot Rage!!!

Introducing our newest light, the Sunspost Rage has one of the brightest main beams in the the market, brightest walking light and colors.  It has three red, three amber and three white walking LED's and uses top quality optics.  It is perfectly balanced and the switch is on the head.  The head is all one piece so the colors and walking light do not cause shadows.  It has excellent burn times and everything operates off of one switch.

Burn times:

  • High 2 1/2 - 3 hours
  • Low 145 hours
  • Flooded walking light and all colors 15 hours on high and 100 hours on low

Lifetime Warranty.  After 2 years send $10 for return shipping.  2 year warranty on charger.

Add $10 for soft cap.


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