Razor R2 LED Coon Hunting Light


  • $295.00


We are proud to introduce the new RAZOR R2 sold exclusively at Coon Hunter Supply.

We have compared the RAZOR R2 with all of the major light brands and it will compete with any light in the market today for Brightness, Lightweight and Quality Build, using only the best parts available.

The RAZOR R2 has an Optimized LED with a Very Tight Spot that will Cut Though The Dark and Excellent Burn Time of 4 plus hours on high, that will then start to dim down.  You WILL find the Coon!!

The RAZOR R2 also has high quality decals that will withstand hard hunting.

The RAZOR R2 has a 9 position switch set up for practical use.


1. low red 2. high red 3. low spot  4. high spot

- Neutral -


1. low walk  2. high walk 3. low amber  4.  high amber

2 year bumper to bumper warranty

Proudly made in U.S.A.


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